Nature or Nurture (Random Thought)

I was formed inside a womb sheathed yet aware of world around

I sometimes felt movement, sometimes I felt her senses, sometimes sound

I was born to them alike, eyes adjusted my irises were filled with light

And I never promised to be an ideal a perfect woman they expected me to be

I came into this world with only needs not aware it can be shadowed by greed

Then I was raised in this crazy world, people in boxes were talking about romantic walks

In tabloids they looked worn out messed up from this frenzied adventure and snide calls

Once upon a time I could flash a smile never doubting the assumptions of their mind

I used to prance around hopping like a frog throwing pebbles in water, to me it never dawned

That I could fall one day, as I was below expectations, grotesque I found my nature

Then I started to nurture to share the last piece of crisp, to love my loved ones putting them first

Oh! but it was so tiresome following without giving into temptation, maligning once own thirst

And I learned from afar to be human and humane to all, a benefit of doubt for every lost soul

Benevolence never came easy, malevolence always used to tease me

Yet I put my foot forward, I kept my self mobile through the nature of others I remedied mine

And nurture made me understand the others wail and cry

But every once in a while I give up to grotesque feeling and cry like child

I’ve been puppet to the white lines, I’ve been musketeer in their defense

I read every manual and terms of the angels, I was defiant

Still like conditions of wilted rose and evergreen thorns, It was never sufficient as I surged.


6 thoughts on “Nature or Nurture (Random Thought)

  1. Powerful exposition of philosophy. Lovely lyrical lines e.g. ‘Benevolence never came easy, malevolence always used to tease me’. I enjoyed this very much – thank you.


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