When the clouds form a shade over my head
I sleep on field of sun blooms, a simple snooze to heavy gaze
Wanderlust, take me back to that place
Wanderlust, I cried when I lost you on my path to faith
Sailing through deep mangroves with deep-setted beliefs
Why lost was I? When I found you in peace
Cherry blossoms are scent of my spring
Mirrors on the wall clearing a naïve myth
Absconded for so long from sense to a place of sensibility
Wanted was I for my crime of vulnerability
Beautiful world, I was part of so many places
Yet none of the places could be part of me
Wanderlust, were you the only hope of mine?
Wanderlust, away from my abode a nomad life
Speaking a dialect so foreign to me, everyday seeing God differently
Destiny is a sweet child, Falcon to my open sky
Like a sailor ready to sail through the storm
Fighting back to glory was my everyday norm
“Seize the day” ,“Seize the moment” you screamed
Procrastinating I wondered if I’m socially connected to mad being
Certainly now I see your point
No point being a star until you are light bearer every night
Sunshine, daisies where do you hide now?
Magnanimous is stage of life, I seem to be small some how
Wondering will I find this magic again
Or will it turn into a myth and forever I will be lost in the plains
Wanderlust, wandering with the open heart
Wanderlust, removing the shackles of past


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