Raise me like a daughter

Raise me not as a son

But like a daughter that I am

Pay me with no tribute of freedom

Until you can watch me free like I can

Give me no penny to buy the world

Till I can earn it with my own hands

I’ll take no field or jewels in dowry

Nurture my spirit and mind

So I’m not indebted to a stranger to be kind

 Part with me in no pain

I’m no shadow

Be my confidante without prejudice

Don’t ask my secrets to be mellow

My flesh cannot be sold

My virtue shall be mine

 Let it not be someone’s pawn

Raise me not as a son

But like a daughter that I am

Let me have zing and sass

Pride me with the way I am born

Not the way you can hide me

In loose shirts and pants

If I have wings encased on my shoulder

Don’t be scared if I fly a bit bolder

I urge you not to ask me to sacrifice

Because my culture asks me to

I am a girl, I’ll be a woman

I will build my principles

Don’t barter on my rights

Raise me like a daughter

Be part of my grand plan

I can smile the way better

The way I am


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