An Indian Princess

A girl that can be forgotten

Sleeping underneath the open sky

Connecting the white dots over midnight blue

Under the spell of emotional slumber

Her eyes prickle with numb sight

It is so easy for her to give up

It is so serene to ever try

Says to “ink me” to hide her flaws

A butterfly, a word or an entwined knot

Today she’s nothing

Not a selfish soul neither giving spirit

Her sacrificial tendency is just a whim

Her noble hymns everyone praises

But no one sings

She hides in the shadow of another being

She is a salvation but never redeemed

With her head held high she fights the angel of darkness

For the kinship she smiled when broken

Grand her style, protective her stance

She lives on the moment stolen

A fairytale that died with time

A tragedy alive and Oh! So kind

The broken shards of pieces

The ordinary girl or an Indian Princess

-Anshul Mangal


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